I Am Black Business Mobile App

The I Am Black Business mobile application for iOS and Android is now available. The world's most accurate and relavent black owned business directory can now be carried everywhere with you in your pocket. Our app has one sole purpose - to help you quickly discover black owned businesses to support.

Key Features

  • Free to both businesses and consumers
  • National directory with over 1,000 businesses listed and growing
  • Proximity search to find businesses close to your current location
  • Search without a location to also include online businesses (ideal for services and products that do not require a physical location)
  • Curated popular search options
  • Share businesses to social media directly from the app
  • Add a business directly from the app
  • No personal information or sign up needed to use
  • Currently, ad free
  • No extra fluff - just search for black owned businesses

Upcoming Features

We will share upcoming features as more users use the app and provide feedback. This app is community based and is dependent on everyone to successfully impact black economincs.